Fashion Styling, Wardrobe Makeover
and Personal Shopping Experience For Women
With initimate knowledge and years of experience in fashion and style, Anne’s passion for fashion has led her to work with leading international brands, designers and celebrities, creating different stylish looks. In addition, wardrobe makeovers and personal shopping within Australia for clients of all ages, shapes, size and gender. Anne Stringer’s personal styling is focused on providing a high quality service and customer satisfaction.
Are you stuck in a fashion black hole and don’t know how to get out?
Do you wear the same clothes over and over?
Do you feel like you lack a bit of style for work or simply day to day dressing?
Have you ever said ‘I have nothing to wear’ or stared at all the items in your wardrobe, that don’t seem to work, that don’t fit or still have the tags on?
Many people have items in their wardrobe they have not worn for years or don’t know how to wear them. Their body shape changes and they get stuck in a time zone and don’t update! It’s easy to buy clothing, shoes and accessory labels but it’s knowing how to wear the key pieces that link an outfit together giving it style! Whether you have nothing or too much in your wardrobe, a wardrobe consultation can help you stop making fashion mistakes and maximise the value you get from your wardrobe. For busy working women, new mums or pregnant ladies, it can often be a difficulty choosing what to wear. With so much to do, fashion often takes a back seat. It doesn’t have to be this way. Rediscover your sense of style and feel comfortable about what suits you, your shape and lifestyle.
Clothes and shoes are one of the the first things you notice about someone; if you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside and it gives you that added confidence. Find out about the essentials for your wardrobe and what compliments your favorite outfits.
Understanding your body shape & what clothes suit you will help you:
- Shop with confidence
- Learn how to highlight your best features
- Save you time and money
Wardrobe makeover
  • Style guide on what to throw away, keep or have altered
  • Learn how you can disguise body conscious areas and what clothes suit your body shape
  • Understand how to combine clothing/shoes/accessories you already have in your wardrobe to create new outfits and what colour, cut and style suits you
  • Identify what’s missing in your wardrobe, so that you can go shopping for new pieces to create more outfits
  • Merchandise your wardrobe so that it is more user friendly for your needs at a glance
  • Give you confidence to know what to buy when shopping
  • Follow up email with points discussed in the consultation
  • Personal shopping
  • Catering for all shapes, ages, sizes and budgets ensuring you gain the most from your trip, so you feel fantastic next time you dress
  • Style advice on new trends/brands/outfits available to buy in-store
  • No pressure to try on or to purchase
  • Assistance in prioritising purchases to maximise your budget
  • Give you the confidence to shop alone and make the right choices
  • Create a practical and distinctive wardrobe of clothes that you love to wear without spending a fortune
  • Recommendations on the latest silhouettes, fabrics and colours
  • Perfect for a special outfit, new season update or for a specific need
  • Follow up email with points discussed in the consultation
  • The Fashion makeover experience was so worthwhile. Anne the stylist, was so knowledgeable and her many years of experience in the fashion industry was evident in her great advice and total reworking of my wardrobe. Anne spent hours helping me to sort through my immense amount of clothes. Her sound advice on suitable colours, styles and new ways to wear my clothes plus her efficient organisation of the clothes to be kept has made a huge difference to the way I dress, look and feel every day. Time and money well spent. Thanks so much Anne.
    Nikki Zani, late 40's - Pharmaceuticals Industry - Russell Lea
    This has been my first experience with a personal shopper & I'm happy that I did this. Anne gave me some great advice on what best suited me & what to definitely steer away from. I learnt a lot from her & am excited by my new clothes. I have bagged a lot of the old stuff ready for the charity bin & am looking forward to getting outfits that are better suited to me. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate the time & effort you spent with me & I'm really pleased with the shopping day that I had..I wish I had done this sooner...
    Susan Fioravanti, mid 40's - Paramatta
    I was lucky enough to receive a session with Anne as a present from my fiancé, who was sick of hearing me carry on about my wardrobe. Prior to Anne's visit, I rated "clothes shopping" closely with " toilet cleaning". I didn't know where to start, I had no idea of the current trends or my body shape, and was somewhat scared of sales assistants. The best thing about Anne's visit was the time she spent going through my wardrobe. I had expected that she would turf 90% of the items, as I hadn't really kept my wardrobe up to date over the years. It truly surprised me to see how much of the wardrobe I had was salvageable! With just adding a modern piece here and there, I suddenly had complete outfits. Anne graciously stayed with this clueless gift voucher recipient until the shops closed and the necessary items were purchased, and I have to admit the day was pretty fun. The idea of spending this much time in clothes shops would have previously sent me into convulsions. I receive many compliments from friends and work colleagues on my new style - with most of them not realising that half the clothes they are commenting on they have seen time and time before. Thank you very much Anne, you have not only improved my wardrobe, but my confidence!
    Kaylee Storie, late 20's - Claims Manager - Penrith
    I just want to say how happy I was with my wardrobe consultation with Anne. I'm a new mum and felt like i had nothing to wear anymore. Anne has a lot of expert knowledge on fashion and personal styling and has helped me see my wardrobe in a different light and I have actually saved money by hiring her to help me! She has also given me some great tips and advice which I will always use in future when shopping or getting dressed for the day.
    Natalie, 41 - mum and part time IT employee - North Sydney
    I had no idea that it would feel so good to sort my wardrobe out, I thought I had nothing but I actually had so many good things, Anne put my clothes in order & highlighted how I could co-ordinate tops, jackets, bottoms & accessories in new ways creating different outfits from old pieces. It was great.'
    Julieanne, 37 - Software management for call centres - Clovelly
    Anne Stinger came to my house to do a wardrobe makeover. I admit that I was looking forward to her visit, in the same way that I look forward to the dentist. I had visions of this dressed to the nines, bossy know it all person looking down her nose at my choice of clothes, Anne was quite the opposite of my vision she was very easy going very approachable and was very sympathetic to my few unsuitable purchases. We had a good time trying on my clothes sorting them into order. My wardrobe has never been so organised, and makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier, and I feel more confident in my choices. She suggested a few things that I needed to purchase to complete my wardrobe, I would highly recommend her to anyone needing help with their attire.
    Elizabeth Cook, early 50's - Bookkeeper - Forrestville
    My wardrobe makeover, fashion viewing and style consultation has been absolutely fabulous. Anne has a great eye, keeps things simple and took my views into account. The experience was fun and Anne provided great tips on how to better mix and match my existing wardrobe and on the essential pieces of clothing to add. The fashion viewing has helped me to select some beautiful, stylish and affordable clothing from well known stores. I feel fashionable and confident with my refreshed looked. I highly recommend the services provided by Anne. You'll love the experience and Anne's insightful knowledge on fashion and what will look great on you. Thank you Anne.
    Katherine Burns, 35 - General Manager - Double Bay
    I found Anne Stringer a very personable, efficient, capable fashion stylist. She very quickly summed up my style and needs for my new wardrobe. Anne is a good listener and has given me a great deal of confidence helping me to rethink the style of clothing that is right for me. Anne was very generous with her time and made me feel comfortable from the outset. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone of any age, she is wonderful.
    Helen Kelly, late 50’s - Chatswood